Courtesy Tom Hindman

Refuse Fee & Municipal Service Fees


Residential: The Refuse Fee covers the cost of weekly garbage pickup, in addition to municipal service fees. The fee is $24 per month. The fee is due 30 days from the billing date.

Discounts do apply for senior citizens

business & occupation Taxes

B&O Tax Returns must be filed monthly.  Filing periods end on the last day of each month, unless other arrangements and permission has been granted by the Finance Department.

Due Date: All returns are due on the 20 days after the end of the applicable filing period.

**If no reportable activity ($0.00 gross sales) occurred during the filing period, indicate on the Tax Return that there was no activity.  Return by the due date to avoid delinquent notices and tax assessments.

For assistance, call 304-235-1510

Any business that is engaged in or caused to be engaged in activities with the object of gain of economic benefit, either direct or indirect must fill out the Business and Occupation (B&O) Tax Return.   You will list all Gross Income (Sales) for the appropriate filing period on the Return.